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Hardware Restoration

When it comes to hardware repair and refurbishment, OHMz Technologies is the go-to service provider. Our team of experts have years of experience and use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to ensure your device is repaired to perfection. Trust us to restore your device's efficiency and performance.

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Logistics Management

OHMz Technologies understands the importance of fast and reliable service. With our expertly managed warehouse and logistics services, we guarantee a hassle-free turn around process that you can count on. Contact us today to get your technology back up and running in no time!

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Environmentally Responsible

Extending the lifespan of manufactured resources reduces waste, recycling costs and our environmental footprint. At OHMz Technologies, we repair and refurbish technology hardware as efficiently as possible in order to minimize waste and maximize the value from our clients' technology investments.

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Full Spectrum Support

We offer full-range support for device repair and refurbishment for major brands such as Lenovo, HP, and Acer. Our expert technicians and engineering team can breathe life back into most well-made products. Our restoration service ensures that your technology hardware is restored to its full potential.

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Hardware Repair: Our team of certified technicians can diagnose and repair any hardware issues with your devices. We maintain our own parts inventory and warranty to keep your costs low.

Data Recovery: If you've lost important data due to hardware failure or accidental deletion, our data recovery specialists can help. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to recover your valuable data quickly and securely.

Logistics and Warehousing: Our professionally managed warehouse and logistics services ensure unsurpassed, easy, efficient, timely, hassle-free turn around. We offer secure storage and transportation solutions for your technology equipment.