Extend the lifespan of your technology investments with OHMz Technologies. We repair and refurbish hardware using specialty diagnostic equipment and years of experience to maximize value and environmental sustainability. Our professionally managed logistics services ensure fast turn-around times and a positive, hassle-free experience. With OHMz Technologies, you can be sure that your technology is in the best hands.

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Maximizing Hardware ROI and Environmental Sustainability through Restoration

OHMz Technologies is a technology hardware repair and restoration company that maximizes the Return On Investment from our clients' technology investments by extending hardware lifespan while minimizing their environmental waste. Our team of highly-skilled technicians leverage specialty diagnostic equipment and years of experience to efficiently deliver reliable results. We also maintain our own parts inventory and warranty to keep your costs low. Let us help you keep your technology running smoothly. Contact OHMz Technologies today!


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Our friendly customer service staff and expertly managed logistics services ensure easy, quick, hassle-free service every time. Contact us today to get your technology back up and running in no time!